The Lundby Letter Archives

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The Lundby Letter Archives

History of The Lundby Letter

The We Love Lundby Club’s newsletter, The Lundby Letter, began in Autumn 2004, as Vol. 1, No. 1. A color version of that black and white issue is now available as a printable PDF file, as well as all subsequent issues.

Beginning with the March 2005 issue, “Crafting with Lundby” was a separate attachment to the newsletter. All of those fun projects can also be viewed and printed.

Saving Full-Size Copies of
"Crafting with Lundby"

If you would like to save and print full-size copies of "Crafting with Lundby," follow the directions below:

Step 1: Click in the upper-left hand corner of the document. Some systems require a double click.

Step 2: That action takes you to a file in your own computer where you can save the document. You might want to save it to your Pictures file or another file which you've dedicated to holding photos and PDF files. Save it your own file with the name that automatically comes up (such as Vol2no1Crafting). Remember that some "Crafting with Lundby" features have more than one page, so you can also add a page number to the file name.

Step 3: Go out of the Internet and into your own computer picture files.

Step 4: Find the document and print it. It will be full-sized and in color if you own a color printer.

The Lundby Letter Archives

Volume 1, Number 1--Autumn 2004

Volume 2. Number 1--March 2005

Crafting with Lundby (calendar, microwave control panel, timer)

Volume 2, Number 2 - June 2005

Crafting with Lundby (barbeque tongs and mitt)

Volume 2, Number 3 - September 2005

Crafting with Lundby (school supplies)

Volume 2, Number 4 - December 2005

Crafting with Lundby (gifts for the Lundby family)

Volume 3, Number 1 - March 2006

Crafting with Lundby (bathroom accessories)

Volume 3, Number 2 - June 2006

Crafting with Lundby (kitchen accessories)

Volume 3, Number 3 - September 2006

Crafting with Lundby (living room accessories)

Volume 3, Number 4 - December 2006

Crafting with Lundby (accessories/Christmas decor)

Enhancements to December 2006 issue

Volume 4, Number 1 - March 2007

Crafting with Lundby (accessories/Easter party)

Volume 4, Number 2 - June 2007

Crafting with Lundby (accessories/the garden)

Volume 4, Number 3 - September 2007

Crafting with Lundby (accessories/baskets)

Enhancements to September 2007 issue

Volume 4, Number 4- December 2007

Crafting with Lundby (Christmas decorations)

Volume 5, Number 1- March 2008

Insert for March 2008 (electrify older houses)

Crafting with Lundby (sewing/laundry room

Volume 5, Number 2- June 2008

Insert for June 2008 (electrify older houses)

Crafting with Lundby (sewing/laundry room

Enhancements to June 2008 issue

Volume 5, Number 3- September 2008

Crafting with Lundby (kitchen
accessories II and bashing/re-purposing contest)

Volume 5, Number 4- December 2008

Crafting with Lundby (Christmas décor III, gift from Lynda Beach and winners of the bashing/re-purposing contest)

Volume 6, Number 1-March 2009

Crafting with Lundby (the baby)

Volume 6, Number 2-June 2009

Crafting with Lundby (the daughter)

Volume 6, No 3-September 2009

Crafting with Lundby (the son)

Volume 6, Number 4-December 2009

Crafting with Lundby (Christmas décor IV; holiday feast)

Volume 7, Number 1-March 2010

Crafting with Lundby (Lundby Family/The Mother; Members' Links & Tips)

Volume 7, Number 2-June 2010

Volume 7, Number 3-September 2010

Here are links from articles in the September issue:

In Lundby's Leksand Furniture:

In Third International Lundby Festival:

Last item in Lundby Connections:

Volume 7, Number 4-December 2010

Here are links from articles in the December issue:

In “The Best Birthday Present Ever!” A Lundby Stockholm

In Seeking (And Finding) Spanish Miniatures

In Restorations by Jennifer Rosskamp

Volume 8, Number 1-April 2011

Bonus Article 1 for April 2011--List of Lundby Factories & Distributors

Bonus Article 2 for April 2011--The exhibit document, written in German, for Karin Schrey
and Bettina Dorfmann's recent display, "Modern Design in the Children's Room." Even if you
can't read German, you'll love the photographs!

Volume 8, Number 2-July 2011

Volume 8, Number 3-October 2011

Volume 9, Number 1- April 2012

Volume 9, Number 2 - July 2012

Volume 9, Number 3 - October 2012

Vol. 10, Number 1 - April 2013

Wikipedia Article on Bild Lilli Doll

Vol. 10, Number 2 - July 2013

Vol. 10, Number 3 - October 2013

Recipe for Swedish Almond Cake

Vol. 11, Number 1 - April 2014

Links from Vol. 11, No. 1:

Sears Catalog pages

Vol. 11, Number 2 - July 2014

Vol. 11, Number 3 - October 2014





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